"Name Games"


So who am I?

Who am I really?

Sure the name at the top of the blog says Wendell Wittler, but does that convey my real essence? The real me?

Actually, it pretty much does, but there are so many Name Generators on the web, I thought I’d try a bunch of them out…

(Extreme thankys to The Generator Blog, a side project of the beloved Presurfer)

Okay, I’m One-Eyed Otis Filmore (blues name), Ebenezer Cottontail (bunny name), Puff Kitten (cat name), Billy Jack Keith (country music name), Jiggly Pants (cutesy pet name), Finrod Nénharma (elfish name), Professor W. Ike Phirramid (evangelist name), Sherman Tank Pond Swimma (gangsta name), Basil A. Rarebit (groucho marx name), Little John Birmingham (hillbilly name), Mungo Sandybanks (hobbit name), Benkei Kitabatake (non-ninja japanese name), ?? Saruwatari [monkey on a crossing bridge] ?? Taiki [large radiance] (japanese name with symbols and translation), Alley Cat Al (mafia name), Hiraku Striker (manga name), Dozer the Double Double Agent (matrix name), Noah Flaking Llama (native american/indian name), Frank, the SPARC Instruction Set Wannabe (nerd name), Mosuke Tadokoro-san (ninja name from NinjaBurger), Stone Horizon Moonfire (pagan name), Funk Master W. Luthor (pimp name), Poop Deck Enrico (pirate name), Pope Vicious Donald VIII (pope name, duh), Anthony McKnight (popstar name), Mark Sparks (porn name), Big Money (rapstar name), Bounty Ranks (reggae name), Speed Chuff Chuff (rock name from bbc), Axel Morrison (rockstar name), Frosty Brandy butter-Snowdrop (santa’s little helper name), Dr. Roy Nwani, the uncle of Barrister Aku Yengeni, a general auditor of a Prime Bank, Johannesburg Branch (scammer name), Loopy Potatospew (just plain silly name), Very Uninteresting Smurf (smurf name), Captain McNutt (squirrel name), Squirrel V. Checksummed (spammer name), Weed Boy (stoner name), Gckstÿkkkhanatuk Miller (taxi driver name), Supershaft [?!?] (transformer name), Cutlass of Looking at All Sides of the Question (unitarian jihad name), Sam Cromwell, Master of Bukovina [an elderly mortal who did not want to die] (vampire name), Vémundr Sheeptipper (viking name), Beefy Piper (wrestling name), and Violent Toilet Thing (wu name).

And if I were female, I’d be Viscountess Fresh-as-a-Daisy (ya-ya name).

I’m the author of “Dragon of the Deathless Citadel” as well as a member of the bands Spit Eggplant, The Innocence Orchestra, Sarcastic Dust of the Wendell Anything and Tenuous Lemur (featuring Suzy “Full Body Rash” Sorrell on Oboe). My blog’s name is Turbulent Labyrinth and my penis’ name is King Kong. My military operation, Vigilant Promise, begins in 5 minutes.

2 Comments (so far) about

"Name Games"

  1. Pet Channel Says:

    Name Games…

    Puff Kitten, indeed…….

  2. John Butler Says:

    Actually, they were ALL “Very Uninteresting Smurfs”.

    The Obviously Over-Acting J.B.

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