"No Big Deal"


Just when the buzz from my “Deal or No Deal” interview/spoof with The Banker had died into the background noise, the 50% owners of MSNBC.com decide it’s good enough – and “funny” enough – for their mega-front page.
Lots of fresh eyes reading a piece that has some serious content that only a fan of “Numb3rs” could really love… and more people clicking the link over here to find out “WHO IS THIS GUY?” (I’m not even sure myself). But still no word from the other 50% owner of MSNBC.com, for whom “Deal” is their biggest primetime hit show, and who may not appreciate me pointing out just how much The Banker lowballs his early offers. But then, tomorrow, I may open my front door and find 26 lovely model-type ladies – who will beat me senseless with steel briefcases…

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"No Big Deal"

  1. michael maglioli Says:

    I happened upon your article on msn.com, regarding the whirlwind, somewhat reality, television blockbuster,”Deal or No Deal.”

    As an educated and extremely cynical individual, I would like to elaborate on your prospective. I find it ironic that my wife, also extremely educated, and I have been very intrigued and entertained by the program.

    The network and producers have developed a pseudo masterpiece, extremeley intriguing to the average individual accompanied by the wit of Howie Mandel. An average individual does not grasp the intellect of the host, Mandel, who to the majority, do not realize that he mocks every contestant, without their own realization, that they are being degraded.

    The program, while being a novelty, and a demonstration of the downfall of American society, is a network marketing masterpiece.

    The program exposes the underlying superficialnees of a decaying society.

    Contestants on the show demonstrate the main reason why most of the inhabitants aside from our country deplore us.

    I like to refer to this program, jokingly, as rock, paper, scissors. It is sad that tv show that entertains millions of people is based on nothing but true mathematics and odds.

    The display of idiocy and greed that an American displays on these types of programs is ridiculous. The saddest thing that i can attribute to a tv program being this popular in a society of almost 300 million people, is it’s popularity.

    The program, like i reiterated, is targeted towards an uneducated mass of people, hence, the majority of Americans.

    My wife and I were educated in finance at one of the most outstanding business schools in the country. She also achieved an mba and is employed at a fortune 100.

    Regarding the initial topic as to the program, I have a 12yr old son, who initially enjoyed the program, but will not entertain anymore, due to his disgust of the lack of intelligence and common sense of the contestants.

    When a 12 year old child can determine the odds as to whether an individual agrees to accept $150,000 or continue to choose randon numbers, without having the basic intelligence to determine such odds, or just being greedy shows where our society is progressing to.

  2. Matej Says:

    I totally agree with michael maglioli.

  3. Ken Glass Says:

    I loved your piece on the banker and it brought you another fan if you care.

  4. wendell Says:

    Yes, I care! Thanks! I’m hoping to get next year’s Wendell Fan Club meeting out of the third floor lunch room and into a full-sized conference room (however, you’ll still have to bring your own lunch).

  5. gibson Says:

    haha, i’m saddened by your obvious sense of self-achievment and how you think your so much better than everyone else….”i’m intelligent….i’m well educated,….my wife (who no one gives a toss about)….has an mba etc….” hehe you c**t

  6. wendell Says:

    Uh, you are addressing that to michael m. above, not me, right? Because I’m NOT intelligent (and my EX-wife was a graduate of a medical assistant training school), but I have a blog!

    You’re not THAT Gibson, are you? (no, more likely the one from Fox News)

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