"Huffington and Puffington and Blow Me Down!"


It has been a long-standing tradition for this blogger that whenever somebody elsewhere on the Web quotes me or links me, I don’t notice it until an embarassingly long period of time has passed, and inevitably, most of the new visitors directed by the link do so during a period when I’m not blogging anything, or even worse, the site is Under Costruction. And, indeed, it has happened again. While I was obsessing over adding little graphical bells and whistles, while periodically destroying and rebuilding the quasi-technical CSS formatting of the page you are reading now (assuming it is currently readable), one of the two new voices at the Post-Huffington Trauma dedicated most of a post* to quoting what I wrote down there.

This came AFTER a seperate entry* in which he quoted 7 other bloggers, mostly medical-topic (or topical medication) blogs. But weird old Wendell got an item* all to himself, although Doc Rost totally unneccesarily included the three paragraphs of me quoting him, and without the “blockquotes”, no doubt confusing some portion of his readership (They may even think “That Wendell’s an idiot if he can’t tell 13 paragraphs from 3”). Rost is still new to this whole Internet Citizen Journalist thingy; most of us enjoyed a more-than-heathy ego boost when we first discovered just how interactive the whole blogosphere can be… some of us have never gotten over it (No, I will NOT name names), but few are as openly goofy about it as the El Rost-o-rino.

Worth noting: this may be the first time that anyone inside the HuffPo (except maybe for comment trolls) has referred to “The Arianna Post (I still have issues about the cachet Ms. A. got from her formerly-married name)”… Mission: Accomplished indeed!

And all because of my weakness for shaggy-dog disclaimers. Speaking of disclaimers and prescription medication:

The opinions expressed in this song are not necessarily those of SquabbMerlCo or its subsidiaries. Progenitorivox is not available anywhere. Offer void in Wisconsin. Any resemblence to actual drugs, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Any unauthorized use of your own judgement in the application of Progenitorivox is strictly forbidden. Progenitorivox may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball. May cause drowsiness or restlessness in lab animals. Do not resume sexual activity while operating heavy machinery without consulting your physician. For erections lasting more than four hours, insert your own joke here. If you experience psychotic episodes, you’re crazy. If death occurs, discontinue use of Progenitorivox immediately. If symptoms persist, consult your physician. All sales final. Batteries not included.

By the way, I have also been obsessed with other things, one of which will get a very long post here in the next 24 48 hours (revised timetable: once again miscalculated effects of obsession) .

*note to self: gotta do something about blogging nomenclature… item? entry? post? article? there’s gotta be a better term for these chunks of writing … chunks? hmmm…

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