"You’ve Escaped My Clutches This Time, Dave Barry…"


Okay, Ive never flip-flopped the number of dead miners vs. live miners, but I do make mistakes in my blogwriting, and as I was looking for some way to set myself apart from the 37 million bloggers out there, I’ve decided to openly admit mine. Therefore, this category.

There was an error in my recent entry about entry about Dave Barry’s 2005 in Review. I was incorrectly assuming that the 1988 movie title converted to a headline in the Washington Post was his idea. How could I have forgotten the Ultimate Editor’s Perogative? That is, if he/she is constrained from altering anything else in a writer’s piece, the editor still has absolute power over the headline (in the name of ‘fitting the page’). The title “A Year on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” was obviously the work of a WaPo* editor whose sense of humor is – let’s call it “less mainstream than Dave Barry’s”, shall we? This became obvious to me when I saw the same article on the Miami Herald website with the big words on top: “Wilma, Rita, Katrina: No Matter How You Stack It Up, 2005 Blew“.

Now the MiHe** is considered Barry’s “home paper”, so if he’d have any input with the editor over choice of headlines, I’d think that it’d be this one, if only to scream “WHA-A-A-AT!” loud enough and often enough at previous ill-toned titles to be slightly aware of what His Daveness finds acceptable. Still, I have a feeling the World’s Most Overexposed Humorist may have given up on headline editors by now. Maybe that’s why he quit the regular column.

*that’s a hip inside journalistic abbreviation for “Washington Post”, not a sound effect from an x-rated cartoon.
**a hip inside journalistic abbreviation for “Miami Herald” that I just made up, and hope will become a fast-spreading meme.

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