In the commercials where John Hodgman portrays a lovable but bumbling and hopelessly uncool PC, he is obviously a PC using Windows XP. Because Vista would’ve been much more accurately played by David Spade. (I honestly don’t know if Hodman/PC has referenced Vista in the ads; I’ve only willingly watched a couple of the spots – remember, bloggers should not be expected to do adequate up-front research; that’s why blogs have comments)

The reason I thought of that popular expert-in-some-areas, computer avatar and nerd archetype is that he is one of the people making entertaining contributions to Twitter. Currently, in response to the umpteen-hundredth invitation to speak to a “Con” he decided at a moment’s notice to do his own:

That graphic is MY creation; if Hodgman wants to use it or a variation thereof for this or future Hodg*Cons, I’m sure we can make a deal. He really should protect the copyright on the things off the top of his head better.

BTW, I was happy to learn while making that graphic that he uses the same shade of orange on his site as I do… simple HEXff9900. Because Orange IS the New Orange.

Anway, here is a selection of Twitterisms from the Con:

All this Con talk makes me want to have my own Con. Today. In my house. Let the cosplay competition begin. 02:00 PM August 26, 2008
I am live twittering from HodgCon 08. I just saw John Hodgman drop off a FedEx package! Nothing else to report. 02:03 PM August 26, 2008
Today is Day 3 of Hodg*Con 08. Today I will be hosting a panel on answering my e-mail. Panel consists of me, e-mail. That is all. about 6 hours ago
At Hodg*Con 08, I am currently signing a book to send to someone I met in Vancouver. about 4 hours ago
Apparently, Hodg*Con 08 needs more FedEx envelopes and black toner. That means another trip to the dealer’s room. about 4 hours ago
Reports of a surprise appearance by novelist Darin Strauss at Hodg*Con 08=exaggerated. He has to stay home with his kids. about 3 hours ago
Coulton and I did have lunch yesterday in what can be described as a “Panel On That New Sushi Place on 14th Street.” about 3 hours ago
To be clear: there is no blogger area at the Hodg*Con 08. That is just my kitchen. about 1 hour ago

When Twitter is used well like this, it makes you feel like you are right there.

Now the only question is: will I steal the idea and host Wen*Con 08.5: The Non-Gathering? Or are there any jokes remaining to be milked from the premise (even from an experienced turnip-vampire like me)? Stay tuned.

Your Turn...

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