"Wendell Watch"


I have resisted googling myself since I changed the blog’s domain name from WendellWit.com to WendellWittler.com (which you may not have noticed if you were re-directed here). After all, my WordPress Dashboard tells me NOBODY is linking to me anymore (all the links pass through the WendellWit redirect), but the PageRank widget in Firefox tells me I’ve restored my 5 rating. So, I google “wendell” and OMG! I am UP to #6! The only more Google-relevent Wendells are towns in North Carolina and Massachusetts, Mr. Berry (twice) and Wendell August “unique American-made giftware”. That’s the highest I have EVER placed. My peak position as WendellWit was #8!!! Take THAT Wendell Castle Furniture! In your FACE, 1946 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Wendell M. Stanley!

Then I check Yahoo! Search. (Yes, it’s still around, stop getting ahead of yourselves, internetters) And I’m back on Page 2, #17, about where I usually was under the old domain name; mostly multiple sites for the towns named Wendell (including Wendell, Idaho) and that Furniture maker ahead of me. I’m still beating the Nobel Prize winner. And feeling a little bit guilty for that.

But now it’s time to check MSN Live Search (which I much prefer to their former Dead Search). I have struggled over the years to work my way into the Top 100 searches there, in spiteofthe fact that I (occasionally) write for MSNBC.com, and have LINKS to my articles there on my front page. If that isn’t proof that Microsoft doesn’t GET the internet, I don’t know what is. Anyway, it’s official. I have disappeared without a trace from the “wendell” search, even through searching “wendell wittler” brings this blog up as #1. But the entirety of my MSNBC.com writing is grouped at #4, behind two joke pages I had forgotten about.

Speaking of dicey algorithms, as long as I’ve dragged you so far into the triviata of my internet identity, let’s see where Ask.com put me. #9, nice… but a couple of surprise contenders ahead of me: Wendell Ferguson, Canadian Country Music Guitarist (who is funnier than I am, damn it: “Happy Songs Sell Records, Sad Songs Sell Beer”), is #2 and the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company is #7. And right behind me at #10 is wendelltextiles.com, which has fallen into the hands of a German domain squatter promoting on-line poker. ASK.COM: THE ALGORITHM STILL NEEDS SOME WORK.

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