"Stick a Fjork in it…"


If you haven’t yet taken advantage of my musical recommendation in the Steely Damn! post, it’s too late. It’s over. “Aja” has returned to its regular price of $6.93 (99 cents per each of 7 tracks) and “The Best of the Beach Boys” is now $7.99 (which for 29 songs plus “Kokomo” is still a pretty good deal). At this moment (1AM PDT on Aug.28th), the Daily Deal is something from Björk, proving quite conclusively that Your Mileage WILL Vary. But hey, if you are Björk-curious, I can suggest “The Björk Song”, a TOTALLY FREE download from the Web’s Legendary Brunching Shuttlecocks primarily featuring Lore Sjöberg, whose “jö” in his name gives him some strange kind of simpatico with the outlandish Icelander, even though the “jö” is pronounced very differently – a “sho” instead of a “yo”, which makes sense since Lore is kind of a Sjö-off, as proven here.

The money quote in Lore’s latest weekly missive is “Right now, I do not post to Twitter every time I see a dachshund.” Which is true; I am one of his 838 followers on Twitter and I have never once heard him mention a dog breed smaller than a Labrador. He has mentioned acai berries twice:

Where the hell did they come from? Did another berry have to be removed from the Canonical Berry List?

I have given it some thought and I have decided that acai berries must be attempting to replace kiwi on the Grand Council of Fruit Flavors.

Web browser features (almost mandatory for Twitter users):

Firefox, I love you for your “recently closed tabs” menu. Your ability to anticipate my regret has won my heart.

Embarassing personal moments (another required Twit-topic):

At the cafe. Brought my laptop but no power cord, my iPod but no headphones. I should check if I’m wearing pants but I’m afraid to look.

And the casting of the next Batman movie:

I’m hoping that rumor is wrong only in that CHER is playing the Riddler, and DEPP is playing Catwoman.

Why am I bringing his Twittering to your attention? It’s easier than writing my own one-liners and I’m feeling seriously lazy right now.

Of course, you can also follow MY Twitterizationing, but most of my contributions over the last few days were extremely snarky replies to others’ comments. (example: “@jkottke So Victor Borge couldn’t walk around N.Y.C. unmolested?”) Ya had to be there.

Your Turn...

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