"Formerly Disgusted, Currently Bemused"


The latest rambling bloggery from America’s Most Deserving Quiz Show Millionaire Ken Jennings touches on several of my favorite hot buttons. (Oooh, that tickles!) First the title, which is an accurate quote from his song “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes”. Which is pretty good, because I was foolish enough to purchase and display a bumper sticker in the ’80s that said “I USED TO BE DISGUSTED / NOW I’M JUST AMUSED” which I am now rather ashamed of.

Like KenJen, I considered the recent 30th Anniversary of Elvis C’s Saturday Night Live Rebellion to have been a Great TV Moment.

DISCLAIMERY: I prefer to refer to Mr. Costello as Elvis C., not out of any reverence for Elvis P., but because I went to college with Elvis Mitchell, which is to say we attended the same university at the same, he working at the student paper, me at the student radio station, and I’d heard of him, but he probably never heard of me. (Adding to the irony is that he’s the one with a radio show now) Anyway, he made me conscious of making Elvis differentiations.

Ken Jennings is IMO the coolest Mormon alive (and has said a couple nice things about me when I was posting to his site’s forums). But the webcomicker behind “Schlock Mercenary” is a solid second, and, hey Donny O is AOK. Ken’s op-ed in the New York Daily Noise about Mitt Romney and The Media was much more a defense of his Faith than his fellow Mormon. So how do we get Ken to run against Mitt Romney for Mormon President?

And he makes the straightforward declaration that “I’m not going to say “Merry Christmas” at all anymore if Bill O’Reilly and his fellow “War on Christmas” blowhards on Fox News are turning “Merry Christmas” into some coded “Screw you if you’re Jewish/agnostic/atheist/other!” Now, as an alternative to “Merry Christmas”, I much prefer “Season’s Greetings” to “Happy Holidays” for its subtle solstice suggestion.

Or you could go with “Happy (Some Other Non-Religious Holiday Happening Around Now)”. Here’s a resource for finding alternate holidays. I was in the practice of saying “Happy Beethoven’s Birthday”, but that’s past now. I’m leaning toward “Happy National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month”, and if anybody complains, point out it’s Presidentially Proclaimed (almost too many levels of irony to count).

Then again, I have been notified that the Solstice (Dec. 22nd) is again this year being marked by the “Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace”. Since it isn’t that well-known it’s extra fun to greet the confused with an enthusiastic “Happy O-Day!”

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