"I Think I Broked It"


If you’re one of the seven people who visited in the last week, you may have noticed that WendellWit.com had temporarily reverted to the Default WordPress Kubrick 2001 Spaced Awkwardly design. There is a good reason for that. I am an idiot.

While not updating the blog with actual words the last few weeks, I have been working wa-a-ay behind the scenes with the site, actually setting up a separate ‘pilot’ site at an undisclosed url that I used to play around with the not-yet-officially-released new version of WordPress, various plug-ins and format templates (some pre-packaged themes, some of my own coding) as well as testing some other completely different CMS software in the pursuit of making something that could be the “NEW” “IMPROVED” WendellWit.com, and to integrate it with whatever other cool site ideas I may be working on. As a ‘triple-witching-hour’ type deadline approached (the official release of WP 2.3, the month of October starting on a Monday and my mumbledy-mumpth birthday inbetween), I decided to try a totally undocumented and unsupported method to link my pilot site to the Live-But-Just-Barely WemdellWit.com, and it all blowed up real good.

You might say my “pilot” turned into a hijacker who flew this site right into… no, I’d better not.

So, I have decided to rededicate myself to fixing everything up right here, right now-or-sometime-real-soon. And for those blog aficionados who like to know how everything’s done (which probably does not include any of the seven readers who have stuck with me through all this), I’m going to be blogging about the changes in process, kinda “This Old Website” style. Even if you have no interest in such things, I suspect it will still be rather entertaining in the manner of Tim Allen’s mishaps on “Home Improvement”. Because if anybody can electrocute himself by tinkering with a mySql database, or bring the entire internet offline with defective CSS coding, It’s gonna be me.

Your Turn...

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