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Remember all those high-concept serialized dramas last fall about kidnappings and hostage dramas and terrorism and fugitives and conspiracies and STUFF? Remember how quickly most of them were canceled? Ever wonder how those stories were supposed to turn out? You don’t give a rat’s ass? Come on, stay with me, folks. I watched several hours of web-based video of unaired television episodes to write about 2000 words on the subject and SOME of it you might find interesting.

Last Season’s Unfinished Serial Dramas

Tidbits that didn’t make the cut the article…

Apparently, if you were a “good guy” in one of these shows who turns out to be a “bad guy” in the last episode, your chances of picking up a new acting gig this season was MUCH better. No, I’m not going to elaborate.

A writer for TV Guide promised to “get answers” for all the unanswered questions about “The Nine” ten days ago… if he hasn’t gotten them yet, we probably will never know how the DA Lady’s hair got cut… nor do we care.

The highlight of the last episode of “Traveler” was seeing the ‘Heroic Black Lady FBI Agent’ (a TV archetype) who was chasing the fugitive protagonists discover that ‘The Big Bad Conspiracy’ had marked her for death when she got the number of the phone call some guy got right before he tried to shoot her, dialed it, and got her FBI boss’s cel phone. Of course, we had already seen him personally shoot down her ex-partner and blame it on a fleeing terrorist, so it was not much of a surprise to the few people who watched it, but the staging of the moment (two glass walls separating her office from his as she simultaneously saw and heard him answer) and the hold on her shocked expression that was not-too-brief and not-too-long was excellent TV-making. And this was the show the ABC brass publicly called “disappointing”.

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