"It Was Thirty Years Ago Today – More or Less"


An aging radio fan (NOT ME) has put up a GeoCities (how 1997!) site in tribute to semi-legendary broadcaster and my former mentor “Sweet” Dick Whittington, including a reprinted magazine article documenting one of his stunts while I was his Assistant/Gopher/Sidekick.

Sweet Dick and Wendell in LondonYes, I am the “Wendell” in the article AND I’m in this picture, standing to the right, trying to hide a tape recorder under my jacket from the London bobbies guarding 10 Downing Street. (They didn’t allow recording devices at the Prime Minister’s front door).

I may yet find him a better webplace for his little fansite, but in the meantime let me point out that (a) I was NOT responsible the lost cassette; that was Dave the Engineer’s fault, and (b) I did not record the “beer in Bangor” incident because my recorder’s batteries had run down after all I had recorded at the LA Airport send-off and on the flight (and Dave the Engineer had all the batteries, so I blame him again).

And that was a PG-rated ‘edited’ account of the Bangor incident from the Los Angeles Magazine writer – who went on to become, among other things, editor in chief at E!Online – and who got a free ticket to follow this adventure because we’d made promotional trade-offs with the airline and a London hotel for a dozen people – because one of the other ‘extra people’ along for the trip was Dick’s then-girlfriend, who requested to be kept out of the article, even though the real reason for their disappearance was so he could “bang her in Bangor”.

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"It Was Thirty Years Ago Today – More or Less"

  1. Don-O Says:

    Well THAT explains the rather weak Bangor “joke” at the end of that article. I might be a young old fart in the world of sayings and slang, but that “beer in Bangor” deal just didn’t add up.

    ….oh, and mondo thanks for the plug. Looking forawrd to get enough publicity and visitors from your plug alone so that I can get sued by Sweet Dick soon!


  2. Douglas Says:

    Well Dick’s not likely to sue unless you publish his real age or real name. (Or show the state of his real hair.)

    And “Bang Her in Bangor” is SO Sweet Dick. And had he missed the plane, who would he have blamed?

    Yes you, Wendell, and you know it.

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