"Something Fishy"


See me (or at least my name) in the funny papers…

Especially appropriate after I committed a horrifying series of fish puns in a discussion thread at MetaFilter, first associating various fish with specific high-profile MeFi member names:

Is it a halibut? In that case, you’re with quonsar‘s clique that does things for the halibut.
Is it tuna? In that case, you’re with stavrosthewonderchicken of the sea.
Is it a mackerel? In that case, you’re in the Holy Cult of dios.
Is it a mahi-mahi? In that case, you’re a Double Poster.
As for me, cod is my co-pilot.
posted by wendell at 3:58 PM on June 25

Then being chided by one of the moderators:

You’ve got that all bass-ackwards, wendell.
posted by cortex at 4:03 PM on June 25

After a couple other users attempted to change the subject, I went crazy:

I think your attempts to re-rail this thread into something useful are rather crappie.
Cortex, I thought you played guitar, not bass.
Some MeFites respond quickly to everything that bugs them. I don’t know if that means they’re a shark or a triggerfish.
Some MeFites fight roughie in an argument while others turn yellowtail. Some carp on every little thing while others flounder for the right words, and others act like they’re hard of herring. And others skate on thin ice.
You may thing our moderators are swordfish, hammerheads or suckerfish, but you must admit MetaFlter is a community and we are all groupers.
And you know who’s in charge of the LOLcatfish clique, which is a step up from clownfish..
posted by wendell at 4:59 PM on June 25

I also pointed out posts about Jackson Pollock, Salmon Rushdie and the haircut known as a Mullet, then referred to the site’s resident linguistic maven (appropriately known as languagehat) as Captain Haddock.

I must admit I got really hard albacore. Maybe even batfish insane. You might say I was grunion it into the ground. I wasn’t being koi about it. I was just trying to mako trouble. I was way out on a perch, getting into a pickerel, just waiting for someone to put my head on a pike. I never even said I was sardine. What I did really smelt. It was as if I’d sold my sole. You don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to understand. I was going at turbot speed when I hit the walleye. And it’ll take a long time until I’m whiting out this black mark from my reputation….

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"Something Fishy"

  1. M.B. Says:

    I’m just speechless…

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