"Life Imitates T-Shirts and Mob Dramas"


Politics makes strange bedfellows… which is not supposed to give you unpleasant mental images of politicians having sex, although you can certainly apply the Fortune Cookie practice of appending every statement with “…in bed” to most political soundbites. But I digress.

Many months ago, when I was promoting my favorite t-shirt printers on this blog, I was especially infatuated with this design…

Now, if politics today were not absurd enough, apparently that political alliance is for real!
Ben Stein Among Al Franken’s Famous Campaign Contributors. With a steady flow of news like this, the long campaign road to 2008 might be a little more tolerable.

BUT, I still am not amused by the Clinton/Sopranos mash-up video (youTubish) that introduced the winner to the Campaign Song Contest. I mean, the Clintons have spent the last 15 years denying accusations that they had people rubbed out… (I’m also not thrilled by the choice of songs – doesn’t anybody in the campaign staff know that Celine Dion is Canadian?!?)

If they were going to go for current pop culture iconography, how about the season finale from “Lost”? With Bill in a scraggly beard but Hillary repeating Jack’s lines:
?We made a mistake. We were not supposed to leave.?
?Yes, we were.?
?We have to go back, Bill!?

Or for a song contest, why not an “American Idol” bit? It would’ve been awesome to see Bill and Hill in Randy and Paula’s seats and Simon as himself, making snide cracks about Republicans that Hillary wouldn’t dare to, then qualifying it with “Of course, I’m not registered to vote in this country…”

Or get some young hunky dude to do a reverse-gender version of the “Obama Girl” video for Hillary. Because Fantasy is so popular right now.

Or just do a version of YouTube self-proclaimed idiot TheWineCone’s Award Acceptance Speech, which I just discovered because I was looking for something culturally ubiquitous on YouTube, which was the worst idea I’ve had all day. Not to mention the fact that I seem to be writing the way TWC talks. Crap.

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