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The big freaking deal over that 32-digit hexadecimal that turned out to be the key to copy protection on them newfangled HD-DVDs and the failed attempt to rebottle that genie has produced an interesting side-effect – the promotion of the idea of owning your own 128-bit number!

I, for myself, don’t want some randomly generated number. I want something meaningful. And since for me, funny is very important, I want to put together the funniest set of hexadecimals possible.

Here goes:

37 – recognized by many as the funniest number, used everywhere from “Clerks” to “The Price Is Right” for comic effect

42 – Douglas Adams’ Answer to the Ultimate Question About Life the Universe and Everything… but WHAT WAS THE QUESTION?

4F – having A-F available in hex allows us to use things like this classic designation for ‘unfit to join the army’, used frequently in WWII-era cartoons

69 – For its obvious sexual reference

86 – Maxwell Smart’s Agent number as well as an old slang code for being shut out

96 – It’s 69 for the celibate (or just incompetent)

A0 – numeric equivalent of Ed McMahon’s call-out to Johnny Carson “Hey-O!”

BC – although Johnny Hart became less funny as he became more pious, the Golden Age of the BC comic was great

I don’t need to limit myself to 2-digit combinations, so…
667 – the Neighbor of the Beast (technically across the street from the Beast, but more obvious than 668)

789 – punchline to a classic children’s joke “Why was 6 afraid of 7?” “Because 7 8 9”

AD0 – from Shakespeare’s comedy “Much ___ About Nothing”

B52 – the Air Force bomber wasn’t funny, but the beehive hairdos and 80s New Wave band were hilarious

19 95 – the classic price for products on TV commercials and parodies of commercials

So here it is:

37 42 4F 69 86 96 A0 BC 667 789 AD0 B52 1995
©2007 Wendell Wittler. All Rights Reserved.

Now I have no intention of trying to keep My Number private, and I fully acknowledge the concept of “fair use”, so I will not object to the republication or public performance of individual digit combinations, but if you’re going to use more than 4 combinations or 8 digits total, I expect proper credit, and using more than half of My Number is going to cost you royalties, more if you use them in this exact order. Contact me at wendellsnumber (at) wendellwit (dot) com for a formal licensing contract.

Some of the numbers I considered that didn’t make the cut were more fun than funny, like 23 (Skidoo!), 57 (Chevy), 3D and B00B, so I’m cofident there are enough other combinations for many other ‘creative’ people to lay claim to.

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"My Personal Number"

  1. MrVisible Says:

    I’d like to own 71077345.

    That’s the number which, when you punch it into a calculator and then turn the calculator upside-down, reads SHELLOIL.

    Then if anyone says, ‘Hey, that’s the Shell Oil number!’ I can prosecute them under the DMCA.

    Then, I will rule the world!

  2. M.B. Says:

    You have entirely too much time on your hands…

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