August 2007


Wendell With Cheese

If you enjoyed Supermarket 2.0, you’ll love brgr, aka Burger 2.0! Yes, it’s your basic “if your hamburger were like a website/web celebrity/software product/tech company/buzzword” schtick, but some of them are funny. My faves [inside].

(As seen on MetaFitler as “I Don’t Want to Be Exposed to Angus”)
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Radical Islamist. Hot new fad on the planet.

The Official Berkeley Breathed Website [warning: ComicSans] announced that the weekly “Opus” comics for August 26th AND September 2nd* “have been withheld from publication by a large number of client newspapers across the country, including Opus’ host paper The Washington Post.” The reason? Making jokes about Islam. And just the week before, Opus was thoroughly ridiculing the late Jerry Falwell. BB recommends catching his missing strips in the comics section. But it being the Internet, somebody has already found and posted tomorrow’s “Opus”. And if that copy has been taken down, I have one here: opus082507.jpg Let’s hear it for “Fatima Struggle”!!!

Berkeley Breathed is no stranger to controversy. Even his latest children’s book, “Mars Needs Moms”, was declared “Politically Incorrect”. He is no stranger to me, either, although my last email exchange with him was over 3 years ago and I had nothing to do with this recent interview at

*Comic strip trivia: Most newspapers have their Sunday comics printed weeks in advance; that’s why Kudzu ran Sunday strips two weeks after the dailies ended when Doug Marlette died.

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113.4 Grams and a Gramp

It takes something special to get me blogging again – something truly cringe-evoking and pun-worthy at the same time. And this is it:

The creator of “Nip/Tuck” is working on a new show for the FX channel “about a father and husband who chooses to have a sex change operation” and its title is “4 oz.”

Why “4 oz.”??? Maybe FX considered the title “4 in.” to be inappropriate (which would be the first time they found anything inappropriate) or maybe McDonald’s wouldn’t let them use “Quarter Pounder” (not even “Royale with Cheese”?). We just hope this show doesn’t turn out to be “Hedwig and the Angry Ounce”.

Also interesting: this show was previously announced as ‘under development with a pilot pending’ last September, so all that’s been done since is getting the OK to write scripts for three more episodes? Four score in seven years is not so hot. Four ounces in eleven months, even worse.

And did ya notice the big name attached to this show as Producer? Brad Pitt. Wouldn’t George Clooney let him use the title “Ocean’s 4”? Or maybe this project tells you more about Brad’s relationship with Angelina Jolie than you want to know.

Am I the only one who is reminded of the origin of the pop group name “10cc”?

Okay, you can stop cringing.


An Impotent Announcement

Miss Cellania Says:
August 23rd, 2007 at 3:16 am e
Three weeks, Wendell! Are you alright?

It’s almost a rhetorical question. I mean, are any of us “all right”? I, myself, often aspire to be 51% right, but rarely make it past the 39% level… which is why I avoid serious issues on this blog; if I can’t convince myself I’m right, how am I going to argue a point with anyone else? Which is why I like to hang out at MetaFilter; lots of the commenters there are under 25% right and it’s good for my ego. But to put it another way, “Am I OK?” Of course, when I think of “OK”, I think of “AOK” and NASA and realize that in my current state I would never survive re-entry, so i’m definately not AOK.

But, you know, at some point in your life you realize you have to leave those childish things behind, and although this blog is generally childish, it is one of the more mature things in my current existence. Changing your life is difficult, time-consuming, tiring work, and blogging about changing your life is (1) humiliating at the time you do it and (2) even more humiliating when you look back and and see how little of it stuck. So, I am currently in stealth mode.

But I have been thinking about what I want this blog – and my other web-based activities – to be. And to use a phrase popular at the ‘Filter these days, “I am overthinking a plate of beans.” Actually, I am overthinking a lot more than a plate of beans; I am overthinking enough beans to make a capacity crowd at Dodger Stadium flatulent. And that’s something you don’t want to stumble onto during your daily blog-surfing.

I have done a significant amount of writing lately about Television that will be a good-sized chunk of’s Fall TV Preview, but I will save the self-promotion about that until it’s available for everyone to see. Let me say that it was not without some risk, but I did watch and write 200 words about the upcoming “Cavemen” sitcom without my head exploding. So, yes, I guess I’m “all right”.


Francis Gary Powers

Speaking of TV helicopter crashes, exactly thirty years ago today, Francis Gary Powers fell from the sky for the second time. The first time was on May 1st, 1960, when the U-2 spy plane he was piloting [previously on MeFi] was shot down over Soviet Russia, a major international incident and one that many never forgave him for surviving.

After returning to America in a swap for Russian spy Rudolf Abel, he continued as a test pilot for Lockheed until he wrote the book Operation Overflight: A Memoir of the U-2 Incident then reluctantly joined the Media as an airborne (small plane) traffic reporter at KGIL in Los Angeles (yes, that KGIL). He was recruited by Channel 4 when they acquired “The Original Telecopter” from rival Channel 5 and learned a new kind of piloting. Returning from a long trip covering brush fies in Santa Barbara, the chopper ran out of fuel. Some (including me) say he might have survived if he hadn’t made last-second maneuvers to avoid people on the ground.

I never worked with him directly, and only met him once, but I was ‘hanging out’ in the station’s newsroom when the crash happened and was one of the first to know. I helped assemble an on-air tribute that aired the next morning. He was an honest and honorable man, loved by everyone who knew him, and IMO, a hero.