February 2007



Until I started using the auto-spell-check on Firefox 2.0, I had the terrible habit of spelling “definitely” as “definately”. Well, apparently, I (and other misspellers) pushed somebody a little too far. Expect to see more sites dedicated to a single commonly misspelled word. Any nominations?


Putting It Together (first in maybe a series)

Wikipedia Explains the Meaning of Life (via the kottke)
Lore Explains the Meaning of Wikipedia

FYI: Wendell is NOT a character in Battlestar Galactica, although I have occasionally been mistaken for a toaster.


Acute Design (as Opposed to Chronic Design)

This MetaFilter link to a design blogger admitting to his “Design Disease” inspired me to confess my own Degenerative Design-itis…

Two of my favorite colors are Huckleberry Hound Blue and Jinks the Cat Orange.

I turn up my nose at blogs with non-fluid columns.

I have a weakness for the sickeningly-sweet (to most people) Cherry Coca-Cola, but I gave it up when the can design changed to something very different from Coca Cola Classic. Now that it resembles Regular Coke again, I’m hooked again.

I have dreamed of starting a company named “DY Computers” and using the HP logo upside down as its trademark.

Countrywide’s logo from 20 years ago helped inspire me to apply for a job there.

Ever since the Cold War, I’ve felt nervous about being inside a building with the Target Logo.

I have long been obsessed with the Bookman font (mostly for the italic with the big ‘swash’ on the lower-case W). I have totally way too many fonts on my computer, including a wide collection of fonts from TV logos (yes, all the Star Trek fonts, Klingon included), twenty-some comic strip fonts, and several variations of Uncial, the font used by the city of San Luis Obispo on its street signs. And I once e-mailed a blogger solely to ask her what the font on her logo was.

I have a big striped comforter with dimensions that are almost perfectly square, but I don’t cover myself with it unless it is aligned with the stripes going head-to-foot. (Vertical stripes are slimming, right? I want to lose weight in my sleep).

And I curse Kraft every time I go down the dressings aisle for putting their Mayo in the cool-looking squared-off plastic jars but NOT my spread-of-choice, Miracle Whip.


Mr. WordPress Won’t You Please Come Home…

Remember today as the day that Blogging jumped into the shark’s mouth.

Spam blogs, fake blogs, celeblogs, fake celeblogs, moblogs, miliblogs, lawblogs, catblogs, dogblogs*, everybody’s got a blog and if they use WordPress, it came with a prepackaged post and comment from “Mr. WordPress”. Well, the inevitable has happened. Mrs. WordPress has a blog.**

*because on the internet, no one knows you’re a dog unless you tell them
**and based on the picture on the front page, Mr. WP’s first name may be Waldo


Broccoli, Luckoli.

broccolijan10.jpgYou know, broccoli is officially the #3 agricultural product in San Luis Obispo County, behind wine grapes (#1) and cattle (#2), and I live within shouting distance of some of both the top two (but it’s not a good idea to shout at cattle, and shouting at grapes is just silly). If I knew where the broccoli was, I’d go and shout there. HOWEVER, after this news story of a couple weeks ago, I think these standings may need to be adjusted.

But still I had to get this T-shirt:

(if the news story above has been de-webbed, you can see it in here:) Is that all? Of course that’s not all! Click Here.


Trek Wars 14: Kahn of the Sith

What better way to take a break from being funny myself than by quoting the highlights of somebody else’s “be funny” contest. I may yet enter Jay Lake’s SF Comedy Mashup Contest myself, but so far I have no grand inspirations, besides, commenting on a LiveJournal is a big pain. But if I were judging, my finalists would be: Is that all? Of course that’s not all! Click Here.


Warning: Cynicism Reaching Critical Mass

I’m waiting patiently for the headline:


I’m not a Global Warming naysayer. In fact, my opinion on the subject was heavily influenced by the seriously alrming (and yes, alarmist) documentary almost 20 years ago by James “Connections” Burke, “After the Warming”. While it didn’t thoroughly sell me that “yeah, this is gonna happen”, it did convince me very early in the game that, if Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming does occur, it will happen slowly and almost imperceptibly, and not be fully confirmed and proven until it is too late to avoid disaster (a near-literal version of the classic Boiling Frog story). With that perspective, the usual overblown media fear-mongering and panic is not the bad thing it is for most issues. But overblown media fear-mongering and panic still makes me nauseous, even when it’s about a genuine threat. But hey, two decades after James Burke warned us? We’re probably already screwed. Happy Groundhog Day. (I’ll bet you wish I’d stuck with the sausage, right?)


A More Modest Proposal Than Most

The “Mooninite Bomb Scare” inspired me to come up with a t-shirt design that, sadly, has now become quite necessary.
Cartoon Character T
Until now, I have resisted getting directly in this ‘message on your chest’ thing, but this message is way too important (and I’ll only make $1.08 on each one sold).


Check This Out

The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram is a newspaper serving about half of a major market (#39 0f 100 Biggest Papers). (It also has one of the best website comics sections) It’s also owned by the same folks who own the daily where I live, so I don’t want to make enemies there. But this has to be the most trivial Police Blotter-esque stories ever published.

4 towels, ashtray taken from Motel 6

What did this poor reporter do wrong to end up being assigned to this story? Or is he consciously trying to become the next Ric Romero? (a MeFite found other small stories by the same writer)
Is that all? Of course that’s not all! Click Here.