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More Regularly Scheduled Technical Difficulties

Seriously, flokes, usually when I miss a personally-set deadline it’s at least partially because of my own procrastination or perfectionism (a genuinely fatal combination of flaws when it comes to getting things done). But this time, a combination of health problems, family problems, computer problems, web problems, money problems and even automotive problems (which should have stranded me at home forcing me to do more work online but didn’t) have converged to sabotage my best intentions more effectively than any time in the last 5+ years. The fact that I can look at this disaster area of my life and quietly chuckle to myself right now (pondering which of the crises I should blog about now and which I should save for my fictionalized autobiography) is actually a good sign. Compared to that last time, 5+ years ago, I’m handling this incredibly well. I really like the looks of what I am working on, it’ll just take a little more time. But I definitely see the debut of the full OneSwellFoop NetWorks happening sometime before the release of Duke Nukem Forever. Stay tuned for more cryptic updates.


Hiatal Without The Hernia

Okay, I’m going to take a break from this bloggery while I figure out what to do next. Currently leaning toward using some of the domain names in my back pocket to set up blogs on specific subjects rather than this all-sizes-fits-me thing. One promise: you will find out all about it right here by June 1st. Ten days ain’t too long; nobody’s that addicted to the virtual sound of my blogvoice, not even me. For a few short bursts of me, and maybe a little preview of what I’m doing next, check out my Twitter and/or FriendFeed.

Thanks for putting up with me. What more can I say?


The Cone of FAIL

You would think that with Twitter down for several hours for “database maintenance”, that I would get back to my blog. Actually, a new/old laptop and an obsessive desire to set it up so that I can’t “dis-organize” it are the current culprits. But be pre-warned: I’m working on a long post that may be the most controversial, unpopular and digg-able thing I’ve ever written here.

Until then, here’s something I did with Twitter’s new whale-free Image of FAIL:
cone of fail

And if any of you newer readers (all 7 of you) missed my previous graphic work, “Twitteral Difficulties”…
twitteral difficulties


Go to Wendell.Me. Now.

If you haven’t yet updated your contacts to my new blog Wendell.Me., then it may already be too late. I’m redirecting to that site any moment now. I don’t know where the RSS feeds will go, but I hope my 34 holdouts get this message.


I’m Giving You Until Monday to Relocate to

I know it’s short notice, but you have a lot of stuff to pack up and all the utilities at the new address are turned on. Don’t make me hire Meathead Movers for you…


The New Me

If you will just click on the big self-aggrandizing logo below…

…you will be directed to the new Home of The Web’s Own Wendell.

I’ll give the 43 of you who subscribed to my RSS feed a few days to relocate your feeding habits, after which, everybody gets automatically redirected. Let me know what you think of the new place OVER THERE.



Just a teaser to tell you that, unless things go terribly wrong in the next few hours (and they have before, I know what it’s like), a little after Midnight, Pacific Daylight Time (that’s 8:00 AM GMT), I will be unveiling “The New Me”, showing off the first element of my Web Presence I Can Finally Feel Really Proud Of. Don’t get overexcited; it will somewhat resemble my current Web Presence I’m Not All That Proud Of, but with some interesting enhancements, and, as I cannot make too clear, it’ll be the first element of a multiple-site complex of (I hope you think it’s) cool stuff. There will be another domain name change, so bookmarks and RSS doohickeys will need to be adjusted accordingly, but this time, I think it’ll be a keeper. I hope you think so too. End of teaser.



If anyone cares, my RSS feed is now being managed by the Infamous Feedpyromanic for reasons I will explain later. In addition, I have added to my man-eating feed-plant the little box where it shows how many subscribers I have… zero. What a burn! Yeah, the Standard Issue WordPress Feed Gizmo didn’t keep track of such things, so if you’re already reading me via syndication (when I was in radio twenty-odd years ago, I tried to get into syndication… it’s NOT THE SAME THING), please re-subscribe via FeedCremator so I can appear a little less pathetic. Of course, if you are reading this post on RSS, it probably cut off about a hundred words back and left you no good reason to click through and read the whole post. See? I am learning the rules to be an successful, SEOish blogger, I JUST DON’T WANNA FOLLOW THEM.


Can You Hear Me?

One of the metametablogsaboutblogging raises an interesting question: “How do you know your blog is blocked?”, which made me think: “How many potential readers do I have behind the “Great Firewall of China” or some other smaller-but-equally-impenetrable barrier?” Only one way to find out. Anybody who is not getting this blog, please leave a comment. Wait. I’ll say it louder so maybe it’ll get through. ANYBODY WHO IS NOT GETTING THIS BLOG, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT. There. This should be interesting.


Oh boy!

I got a comment! Yes, I know that a few Friends of Wendell have commented here once a week or so, but this is a negative one from a Little Gamers fanboy! (Or one of the Little Gamers themselves behind a “Pseudonym”) I try to take a zen-like approach to internet feuds with a touch of passive-aggressive just because it cheeses off my opponent, but I often sabotage that approach by my tendency to over-explain (if you’ve ever been paid Per Word, you know how addictive that can be). See? I’m doing it here!

My favorite part of Pseudonym’s comment was at the end when he wrote “(please insert a very patronising[sic] tone to the last bit)”. I really do wish attitudes could be directly attached to written comments – it would prevent so many misunderstandings. In fact, over at MetaFilter, I have advocated the addition of a tag to html, but that cause has gotten zero traction. Maybe I should work on the issue here. Yeah, that’s a great way to reach more people.