from the "MediaMania" Dept.


Conan the Car-barian

Still some time until I unveil my superdupernewstuff, but I had to comment on Conan O’ Brien’s debut as host of the Tonight Show. It was most of what I expected (except he didn’t have anything for Andy Richter to do… and what was up with Richter’s hair?!?), but I did catch myself predicting some of the bigger punchlines. The opening sequence with him running from New York to L.A… didn’t somebody else do that bit before, a few dozen years ago? Whoever it was obviously wasn’t as funny running than the tall gangly redhead, so that’s forgiven.

And when he commandeered the Universal Studio Tour tram and took it out on the city streets, I knew he was going to stop at a 99-Cents-Only Store. Why? I lived near there a few years ago, and shopped at the 99 Store that was only about 4 blocks from the studio entrance. It was literally the best place logistically to stop.

And everybody knew that when he hauled out what was supposed to be a letter from the Hollywood sign just to demonstrate how big his studio was that the Big D would not survive. It did give Conan another opportunity to do his “deer in the headlights” take, which he does better than just about anybody on TV.

The one time my jaw dropped from it’s usual clenched position was when he did the filmed bit about his car… a 1992 Ford Taurus, only slightly older than the ’95 Taurus I call the WendellWagon, but shockingly the same color! birdcar
Or, it will be when I clean the birdpoop off of it. Maybe I should send Conan some of the jokes Jay Leno didn’t buy from me in 1992…

It does make it more convenient now that O’Brien and Craig Ferguson are not airing at the same time (then I can use the DVR to record Colber(t) and The Venture Brothers).